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Balance Charger SKYRC® for RC Battery FREE Delivery

Balance Charger SKYRC® Features Overview The act of balance charger or battery redistribution may be defined as using charging techniques to increase the longevity and energy capacity of a battery. This is done by using Lithium Ion battery packs that can be connected to cell phones, computers, laptops, and other devices and operated to increase and redistribute the capacity of…


Flight Simulator 6 Channels for RC Helicopter FREE Delivery

Flight Simulator Features Overview When you set out on the search for airplane flight simulators on the internet, you will find a hefty collection on the offer. Helicopter flight simulators? Not so much. There is no doubt that there are plenty of helicopter simulators out there as well, but many of them are unable to replicate the experience of being…

Guide to RC18 Series Tuning

Guide to RC18 Series Tuning  Anti-Squat Anti-Squat is most effective factor from a standstill. You can simply remove the rear arm mount, flip over and re-install to change the Anti-Squat on the RC18-Series vehicles. Adding Anti-Squat will make the car Squat less during acceleration. This case will let your car track straight on the straights. It will also make your car push…

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