Cheerson Mini Drone CX-10C Camera LED Light

This guide will compare and analysis three Cheerson brand models: Cheerson Mini Drone CX-10, Cheerson CX-10A, and the newly-released Cheerson CX-10C. All these three models have been received quite positive feedback. As a professional brand in RC model flyers, Cheerson would provide enjoyable experience to all RC lovers for their nano quads.

Cheerson Mini Drone

Cheerson CX-10C

Cheerson Mini Drone Unique Camera Design

CX-10 and CX-10A have been proven to be great in the nano quad market in terms of price, durability and flying characteristics. The CX-10A model do better in its headless mode. For Cheerson Mini Drone CX-10C,  nothing seems changed except a flying eye logo, two colors, which are orange and black, and most importantly, a 0.3MP camera.

Cheerson CX-10C’s mini body makes it so cute and unique. The built-in six-axis gyro can promise you a stable flight.The 4 LED Lights ( 2 red in the rear and 2 blue on the front) help to determine the exact position of the aircraft even in dark. The flip function is really fun. It does tight sharp flips.

Furthermore, I’m very impressed by the quality of the camera and the footage it captures. Despite the fact tthat Cheerson CX-10C has no match for a more proper. Its external camera can only record videos at 640×480 resolution. Its video quality is still acceptable since it has no distracting vibrations, weird artifacts or file corruptions. To say at least, the external camera simply can’t be attached to and flown with such a incredibly small quad.

Cheerson Mini Drone

Cheerson CX-10C

Cheerson Mini Drone Easy Control

The transmitter may be a little small in hands since it is only 9x6cm. However, all of its controls can be easily accessed even by adults. When pushing the left stick as a button, the flight speed can be switched between 3 modes : low, medium and high. The speed rate setting is confirmed with 1,2 or 3 beeps. Under the right stick there are two buttons:one is for taking photos, and the other for recording video. The right stick in mode 2 will push the quad forward or bring it back towards you. Pushing the stick to the left or right will cause the craft to bank or tilt. If you were a complete beginner, you should probably repeatedly practice the basic movements until you have mastered the controls.

Cheerson Mini Drone

Cheerson CX-10C – Camera

The durability of Cheerson CX-10C is OK. I have slammed it into walls pretty hard and still haven’t broken any props. Just bend the props straight and make sure they are not jammed or clogged. It flies really great. Like all quads, Cheerson CX-10C has to initialize on a flat surface when powered on. If it acts funny after a crash, just turn it off, let it reinitialize and it will fly stable again.

Cheerson Mini Drone

Cheerson Mini Drone Powerful Energy

Cheerson CX-10C is powered by 120mAh battery. Its continuous flight time is about 3-4 minutes, which is actually very short. Luckily, charging is pretty quick (30mins) and easy. The quad also gives you reminder when the battery is getting low.

Cheerson Mini Drone
Overall, the Cheerson CX-10C leaves something to be desired, such as, its slow, fixed yaw rate and the short flight time. However,  it did inherit many nice features of its predecessor and offers something new. Great quad I will recommend to anyone!

 Package list:
1 * Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter
1 * Transmitter (mode 2)
1 * 3.7V 120mAh Li-po Battery (built in the quadcopter)
1 * USB Charging Cable
2 * Pair of Spare Propellers
1 * English Manual

Please order quick though : Cheerson Mini Drone CX-10C !

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