2016 Schumacher Day Event Winner Murray & Tinaglia 


The perfect place to host this yearís Schumacher Event in Italy, Saturday saw an open track day where racers had useful track time to perfect there car setup for this fast flowing circuit.  Last week saw the 2016 Schumacher Day Event held at the Miniautodromo Caí de Mandorli Circuit in Bologna, Italy. The control tire of choice for this event being the Sorex 36SY. A good choice with temperatures reaching 30 degrees C.

After such a nice day on the Saturday, Sunday morning came and racers were greeted with some rain! Sadly this caused some of the racers to leave, but for those who stayed, later in the day the weather cleared and the track dried nicely.

2016 Schumacher Day Event

With half of qualifying run in wet conditions, it would be a Schumacher pairing of Andy Murray (Open modified) and Alessio Tolomelli (stock) who would take the pole positions with their new Mi6 chassis. For this race Andy Murray, Schumacher design engineer would make the trip, to support the strong team of Schumacher drivers.

The stock class was less straight forward, the Schumacher team drivers Alessio and Ludovico coming together off the start line, allowing Enrico to capitalise, and he could get a good lead that he could hold onto for the rest of the race with a fantastically controlled race, with Pole man Alessio not so far behind. In the finals, it was a close battle between Andy Murray and Alessio Moto, but Andy could take a lights to flag victory in the end.




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