Guide to RC18 Series Tuning

Guide to RC18 Series Tuning  Anti-Squat

Anti-Squat is most effective factor from a standstill. You can simply remove the rear arm mount, flip over and re-install to change the Anti-Squat on the RC18-Series vehicles. Adding Anti-Squat will make the car Squat less during acceleration. This case will let your car track straight on the straights. It will also make your car push coming out of corners. However, it will loose entering corners. Anti-Squat is best known as a kind of Caster for the rear wheel. It changes the relation of the hinge pins parallel to the ground.  Less Anti-Squat will lead to the opposite: a little less forward traction, more stable entering corners, and will track through bumpy sections much better.

RC18 Series Tuning

Guide to RC18 Series Tuning Battery

If you move the battery around, it will also affect how your truck jumps. Your vehicle will jump with the nose down if put battery forward. Sliding the battery pack forward will increase steering and reduce rear grip. In contrast the vehicle will jump with the nose up if you put battery back. It may not be as noticeable in your 18T since the battery isn’t moving very much. It might also leads to a less responsive steering feeling due to the greater load on the front end. Sliding the battery pack back will cause less steering overall and more rear grip. Battery back may lead to the truck to dive into the corner harder due to more weight transfer under braking.

RC18 Series Tuning

Guide to RC18 Series Tuning Bumpsteer

Adding shims from under the steering knuckle ballstud will fix some problems of bumpsteer. You may have to experiment with many shims. Bumpsteer called its name for just that undesirable steering while going through bumps. I just wondering: Does the angle of the front tires switch from toe-straight to toe-in or toe-out? You will experience Bumpsteer issues if the answer is YES. This case will cause RC car to bounce back and forth through bumpy section of the track, instead of going straight to your directions. A great method to check bumpsteer problem is to set your race-ready car on a completely flat surface and slowly press down on the front of the car.

RC18 Series Tuning




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