Cheerson CX 10 W Original 4CH 6-Axis Gyro 0.3MP Camera

Cheerson CX 10 W Overview

Are you looking for a new way to take to the skies? Well, this new Cheerson CX 10 RC Model Flyer is exactly what you need. It has a very unique shape that resembles a UFO and can actually be controlled over WiFi! This means you get maximum coverage when flying and you probably won’t ever reach the end of your rage. Cheerson CX 10 has a six-axis gyro that is built in to give you the most stability you can find in a RC Model Flyer. It is adorable because of its size, though because of its size, it is also the perfect way to keep it hidden if you don’t want it to be seen! It will provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment that you would never experience otherwise.

Cheerson CX 10

Cheerson CX 10 W Overview Technological Features

  1. You can virtually fly anyway you want! This Cheerson CX 10 can hover, go up and down, left or right, and can even perform side flight.
  2. Cheerson CX 10 is a 4 channel mini quadcopter, or a compact quadcopter for easier maneuvering.
  3. The six-axis gyro is built right into the flyer for maximum stability during flight.
  4. You will even be able to take pictures and video because there is a 0.3MP camera on the flyer.
  5. You’ll be able to see everything your flyer can see with real-time footage over WiFi!
  6. You can even fly at night with LED light to brighten up your view.

Cheerson CX 10

Cheerson CX 10 W Package list

  • The Mini Cheerson CX 10 itself.
  • A 3.7V 150mAH Lipo Battery.
  • A USB Charging Cable to keep your flyer going.
  • Two pairs of spare propellers in case you land it too hard.
  • An English Manual.
  • Cheerson CX 10

Cheerson CX 10 W Final thoughts

You always see products boasting good quality, but the customer reviews tell you all you need to know! It is extremely durable for such a small flyer and it is the absolute best buy for the price! For all you get out of this Cheerson CX 10 Flyer, you would expect the price to skyrocket but Cheerson CX 10 has kept it amazingly affordable! You can even get it in three different colors so you can choose the best color for your needs, red, silver, or gold!.All the colors are gorgeous and you’ll truly enjoy taking the skies with this wonderful Cheerson CX 10 Flyer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, check out all the features and buy one today so you can start flying high immediately. You’ll love this flyer for many well spent weeks to come!


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