Feiyu Pocket Camera Review

Feiyu Pocket Camera is a gimbal camera, and “stability” is its core indicator. Feiyu company focuses on the research and development of stabilizer equipment, and will not disappoint us in terms of stability. Feiyu Pocket Camera provides four stable modes: heading follow, pitch and heading follow, full follow, and gimbal lock.

Heading following means to keep the camera lens level all the time, but moving the gimbal to the left and right will follow it. Pitch and heading follow, that is to lock the roll axis, the camera can move up and down, left and right, but will not flip. Full follow, all three axes are not locked, you can shoot flip and vertical shooting.
Feiyu Pocket Camera can achieve 4K 60 frames video shooting, with a maximum bit rate of 120Mbps, slow motion video shooting, or one-click panoramic photos, or time-lapse photography, and face recognition. Time-lapse photography includes static delay, trajectory delay, and dynamic delay. The Feiyu pocket gimbal camera is directly placed on the car to shoot through the mini tripod. It is also very stable and can be used as a driving recorder.
It is worth mentioning that the Feiyu pocket gimbal camera supports a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle and can hold a larger amount of information. When taking selfies, you finally don’t have to worry about taking yourself too big to see the background. Feiyu also has a face recognition function that automatically follows the camera. The recognition accuracy is not bad, but if the moving speed is too fast, there will be a probability of following loss.


The appearance of Feiyu Pocket Camera has greatly improved our motivation for daily shooting. After all, another feature of Feiyu Pocket Camera that attracts users’ attention is its compactness, convenience, and easy use. Years of technology accumulation makes the shooting stability of the Feiyu pocket gimbal camera unquestionable, and a variety of shooting modes also enrich the use scene. In addition, the battery life of up to 270 minutes and more than 4 hours and the support of up to 512G expansion memory can basically meet the shooting needs of the one-time outing. The Type-C charging interface supports charging and use. Of course, the app’s user interface is indeed a bit rudimentary, although it does not affect the use, I also hope that Feiyu can further optimize it.

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