How to Use A 3D Printer

3D printers can enhance our creativity and hands-on ability. If you are new to a 3D printer and do not know how to use it, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Create a model
Model creation is an indispensable link. You can create models by yourself with 3D graphics software such as AutoCAD, 3Dsmax, solidworks, etc., or you can download models from major well-known model websites. The files generated by these two methods need to be saved as STL format, otherwise the 3d printer cannot recognize it.

Step 2: Add the model
Slicing software is a kind of 3D software, which can convert the digital 3D model into a printing code that can be recognized by the 3D printer, so that the 3D printer can start to execute the printing command. 3D printers usually come with slicing software. On the main menu page, there is usually an “add model” option. After clicking, the model we created or downloaded will automatically appear in our 3D printing space.

Step 3: Select layered slice
Correctly setting the 3D printing slicing software will effectively improve the success rate of 3D printer printing models. In the main menu, there is usually an option of “Layered Slicing”. This function mainly helps us to break down the printing process of the printer. Users can preview and observe the whole printing process in the software in advance. After clicking, you can see some changes in the model.

Step 4: Drag the layered preview scroll bar
Drag the layered preview scroll bar, the software can display the image of each layer according to the parameter value. We know the principle of FDM printing technology. In fact, the entire model is formed by stacking layers of materials. Through the preview, you can intuitively observe how the model is generated layer by layer.


Step 5: Add support
Some parts of the model need to add some support. Such as the horns of an elk. At this time, we can add a support to the appropriate part of the model, so that when printing, the printer will also print this part of the support, and we can remove the support by some methods later. Some supports are made of water-soluble materials and can be easily removed after removal.
Slicing software generally supports manual support and automatic support. Automatically add support, the system will automatically determine to add support to certain parts according to the model you want to print.

Step 6: Connect the printer
Select “Connect Printer” to connect the set 3D model to the printer via USB or data cable or WIFI.

Step 7: Start printing
Before printing, you need to check the model information again to ensure that the parameters of the model are correct. Click the main menu to select model information. The second is to ensure that the size of the model cannot exceed the maximum volume that the printer can print. Finally, we have to set the temperature of the print head and the printing platform.

Step 8: Model post-processing
After printing, if it is not a one-piece model, we have to polish and assemble the parts to form a finished product.

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