The Difference Between ABS And PLA Materials

Different printing effects
Both ABS and PLA are materials used in FDM technology. From a hot-end point of view, ABS plastic is quite easy to print. No matter what kind of extruder is used, the material will be extruded smoothly. However, because this material has the characteristic of shrinking when exposed to cold, it will partly fall off the heating plate and hang in the air, causing problems. PLA is a material that hardly shrinks. Even an open printer can print huge objects without worrying about the finished product being suspended, skewed, or damaged from the board.

tomtop ABS and PLA filaments 1

The different smell when printing

ABS will produce a strong smell when printing. PLA often clogs the hot end because it is easy to adhere and spread after melting. PLA will not have a pungent odor when printed. PLA is a biodegradable material, which is often used to produce disposable medical supplies, non-dismantling surgical sutures, drug slow-release packaging agents, etc., which can be recycled and will decay and disappear. , PLA is more environmentally friendly.

Different strength of the generated model
The strength of the 3D model made of ABS is greater than that of PLA, but PLA is easier to shape than ABS, the model has good gloss and colorful colors, and the 3D printed model of ABS generally needs surface treatment.

tomtop PLA filaments 1

Different temperatures

ABS resin is more resistant to high temperatures than PLA. The processing temperature of ABS is above 220°C and that of PLA is 200°C. But PLA is easier to shape than ABS, and the model has good gloss and colorful colors. When heated to a certain temperature, ABS will slowly transform into a gel liquid without phase change. However, PLA will directly change from solid to liquid, which can easily cause nozzle blockage. But when using ABS for printing, it is more prone to warping than PLA.


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