Hubsan X4 H501SS FPV Brushless Drone, Only $239.99 Advanced Version

Hubsan X4 H501SS Advanced Version FPV Brushless Drone RC Quadcopter, Only $239.99, NOTE: ONLY US WAREHOUSE DISCOUNT at

Hubsan X4 H501SS

Hubsan X4 H501SS Brushless drone Advanced Version is definitely an upgraded version of your Hubsan X4 H501S, along with the two are various. Hubsan X4 H501SS optimized firmware and the enhanced circuit board, built-in GPS built-in FPV1 launcher, make the flight extra steady and steady, to make sure the quality 1080p HD material. Simple to adjust during flight, the 4.3-inch LCD monitor around the launcher delivers terrific HD reside video and pictures. Just dial a switch, you are able to realize adhere to my function. The motherboard is related towards the X4 Air model.Hubsan X4 H501SS Hubsan X4 H501SS built-in tough frame is 4 brushless motors, provides quite a bit of capability to meet seasoned pilots and beginners. With as much as 20 minutes of playback time and up to 300 meters of range, Hubsan H501SS X4 is made to take your film to new heights and assist you to collect impressive pictures. For more than three occasions the variety, you should upgrade to an advanced version 1000 meters in the base.

Hubsan X4 H501SS
The Hubsan X4 H501SS with built-in GPS positioning lets you instruct the Aerial Photography to adhere to you, providing you greater focus on action wherever you go. The headless mode allows you to simply manage the flight path, no matter which path it moves, you may manage it forward or backward, all this is quite simple. With Altitude Hold, you are able to make it stand still in the air and immediately stabilize in mid-air for overhead and panning shots. Just after you might have completed shooting, you are able to press a button to instruct the drone to go residence automatically. Fail-safe technologies also automatically return to property when it’s out of variety.

This Multicopter is the best choice for you239.99

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